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    PCI/104-Express Card | PC5005

    The PC5005 provides exceptional small packet performance, advanced network security and reliability while the low-power adapter’s TDP is 8W (typical). The PC5005 features Intel’s next generation 10GbE controller XL710. The XL710 interfaces to the host processor through a single x8 lane PCI Express generation 3 port. It will auto-negotiate to a reduced number of PCIe lanes  or Gen 2 or 1 speed if necessary. The XL710 controller is capable of auto-negotiating down to x4 or x1 PCIe lanes.

    Quad Core Processor | CU4200

    Rigel’s model CU4200 Quad Core processor module is based on the NXP QorIQ T2081 series processor. This custom product was designed for a customer that required a low-power, reliable SBC at a reasonable price. It was designed to be insterted into the CU1500 1U chassis

    Rugged Memory Card | XC9000

    Rigel Engineering’s XC9000 is a high-performance XMC buffer memory card that supports one or two x4 Serial RapidIO (sRIO) interfaces or one x4 PCI Express. Each interface is dedicated to a 8 or 16 GB bank of high-speed DDR3L memory with ECC. The card can also be configured as a single sRIO or PCIe interface with 8 or 16 GB of memory. The XC9000 conforms to Vita 42.0, 42.2 and IEEE 1386 (CMC) standards.
    rugged mission computer

    Rugged Mission Computer | AA6100

    Rigel Engineering, LLC has developed the Altair family of rugged, conduction-cooled small form factor (SFF) processor systems engineered to address the stringent Size, Weight, and Power-Cost (SWaP-C) constraints of today’s critical mission computers in avionics and vehicle platforms. The Altair rugged mission computers utilize Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) components and feature full system-level flexibility by incorporating a COM Express Compact or Basic sized Single Board Computer module (SBC), a PMC/XMC slot and two MiniPCIe sockets.