Over 35 years experience in the military and aerospace market
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Rigel Engineering is truly a custom design house with COTS pricing. We will work directly with you to refine your requirements and architect a solution that uses state of the art design practices and components. We will serve as a transparent extension of your engineering team providing you full access throughout the design process.

Your solution will meet:

  • Time-to-market needs
  • Design-to-cost targets
  • Functional requirements

Design practices include:

  • Utilization of program management software
  • Systems Requirements Review – SRR
  • Preliminary Design Review – PDR
  • Critical Design Review – CDR
  • Production Readiness Review – PRR

Custom Design Services

MRD Review:

Rigel Engineering reviews your Marketing Requirements Document and then meets directly with you to vet the feature set for cost savings opportunities and technical optimization.


Rigel Engineering will provide a fully compliant proposal for review and modification. We understand the “feature creep” nature of requirements development and will work with you to make necessary modifications in real time.


Rigel Engineering provides the design for review and approval. Your engineers work directly with Rigel engineers to optimize the design.

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