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    Com Express Type 10 Module | CM4301

    Rigel’s model CM4301 COM Express® processor module is based on the Intel® Atom 3800 processor series and was designed to perform reliably in extreme or harsh environments. The CM4301 is a COM Express® Mini form factor (55mm x 84mm) SBC that supports COM Express type 10 signaling plus an array of standard features.

    COM Express Type 6 Carrier Board | CB2600

    It supports a huge variety of Basic and Compact Type 6 COM Express processor modules. The footprint of the CB2600 is the same physical size as a Basic size module (125 x 95 mm) and is ideal for use processsor modules in space constrained and rugged environments.

    CompactPCI (CPCI) Processor | CP4200

    • Quad Core NXP QorIQ T2081 PowerPC Processor up to 1.8 GHz
    • Single DDR3L socket with or without ECC
    • 6U cPCI Form Factor
    • Two 66MHz 64-bit PMC slots
    • Three Gigabit Ethernet Ports

    CPCI Chassis | CP1500

    • Two 6U, 64-bit, 66MHz cPCI slots
    • Standard 300W Power Supply
    • 5 Cooling Fans
    • Rear IO

    Custom 1U Chassis | CU1500

    The original requirement was a 2-slot CompactPCI chassis (CP1500) with a feature-rich and IO-specific PowerPC single board computer (CP4200). We designed that system for them while requiring no NRE.